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Counseling Services

The mission of the Dr. James A. Forrest Career and Technology Center Counseling Department is to provide all students with a comprehensive developmental school counseling program which gives them the opportunity to gain an understanding of self and others and to participate in educational and occupational exploration in order to reach their full potential as productive members of society.


Regarding Students: 

  • Every student will leave Dr. James A. Forrest Career and Technology Center with the necessary academic, career, and social/emotional skills to continue flourishing. 
  • Every student at Dr. James A. Forrest Career and Technology Center has the capacity to learn and therefore, access to a rigorous educational experience is available to all. 
  • Supporting the “whole child” in their growth and development is a critical role for school counselors. 
  • School counselors provide a space for student voice. 
  • “All students” mean all students therefore, school counselors work to equitably develop their academic, social/emotional, and career self.

Regarding Teacher/Administrators: 

  • School counselors collaborate with teachers and administrators to provide the necessary educational programming for students to excel. 
  • School counselors unite with teachers and administrators to facilitate students’ success. 

Regarding Parents: 

  • School counselors forge effective partnerships with families. 
  • School counselors encourage parent voice in supporting students’ growth. 

Regarding the Educational Process: 

  • All students should have a school counselor who advocates on their behalf. 
  • School counselors contribute to a positive school climate by providing a supportive, and nurturing environment for all students.
  • School counselors continually analyze data, reflecting, to make necessary upgrades in counseling programs and services. 
  • School counselors are school leaders who facilitate a positive educational experience for all students through the use of best practices and evidence-based interventions.

Forrest Center Admissions Process

If you would like to become a student at the Forrest Center, please see your high school counselor and follow the steps listed below.

Admission to Two or Three-Year Programs

  1. Students complete an application to the Forrest Career and Technology Center selecting a first, second and third choice, as appropriate.
  2. Counselors and students verify that all program prerequisites have been met.
  3. Students are required to complete an application visit at the Forrest Career and Technology Center and meet with prospective instructors to ensure their interest and understanding of the program’s requirements.
    1. Students are encouraged to complete their Application Visit at the Forrest Center Tech Expo, generally held in February. See information about the Tech Expo below.
  4. Students who cannot attend the Forrest Center Tech Expo must complete their application visit on the day designated for their high school.  See high school counselors for these dates.
  5. Students may request a Vocational Evaluation from the Forrest Center. This evaluation will provide students with career direction.  A vocational evaluation may be especially helpful for students with disabilities or special needs.
  6. In the event of over-enrollment, the selection will be based upon attendance, grade point average, and discipline history.
  7. Students who are selected will receive a letter of notification.

Admissions Process for Electives

  1. Students complete a Forrest Center Elective Registration Form.
  2. Counselors and students check to make sure prerequisite courses have been met.
  3. Registration forms are submitted to high school counselors.
  4. Students are encouraged to select a second choice in case over-enrollment occurs.
  5. In the event of over-enrollment, selection will be based upon attendance, grade point average, and discipline history.



The Forrest Center Tech Expo provides an opportunity for St. Mary’s County students and their families to learn about the opportunities that are available in Career and Technology Education. Primarily, eighth, ninth, and tenth-grade students and their families are encouraged to attend the Expo so that they are prepared to plan their course sequences and make wise career choices. Students will have an opportunity to speak with instructors, view class demonstrations and get an overview of the many exciting opportunities that are offered at the Forrest Center. Students applying to the Forrest Center are required to complete a formal visitation during the year for which they are applying. Attending the Tech Expo satisfies the application requirement for incoming applicants.

Financial Aid Workshops

St. Mary's County Libraries at 6:30

Topics include:  Options to pay for college, FAFSA (Federal Applications for Student Aid), Local Scholarships

Presented by Nadine Hutto, Director of Financial Aid at St. Mary's College

Scholarships and Awards

(Also see Apprenticeship, Leadership and Other opportunities listed below)

Scholarship and Awards will be updated as we receive information.

*Check the colleges, universities and technical schools you plan to apply to for scholarship opportunities, as well

Military Day

As in the past, Dr. James A. Forrest Career, and Technology Center will host ‘Military Day’.  The purpose of this event is to provide Forrest Center students who have expressed an interest in the military with an opportunity to explore military-related career opportunities.  Representatives from each military branch, including ROTC programs and the military academies, have been invited to attend.

Students will be offered the opportunity to participate in this event during their regularly scheduled class time at the Forrest Center.  Each class will have a designated time to send interested students from their program to the Dohrman Conference Room to meet with military representatives.

Parents/guardians of Forrest Center students are invited to attend Military Day along with their child.  A schedule will be given to students so parents know what time to attend.  Parents/guardians may park in the visitor parking area in the Forrest Center parking lot (right side of the building, closest to Leonardtown Middle School).  Parents/guardians will also need to sign in at the main office to get a guest pass.

Feel free to contact the Forrest Center at 301-475-0242 if you have additional information.

Career Interest Profile Links

 Link to Career Interest Profile login

Instructions for Career Interest Profiler:

Log in to Clever - Student Portal (username = three initials, last four digits of student ID and password = student id#)

Select Naviance, go to Careers (top right), click on Careers Home. You can choose the Career Interest Profiler or Career Cluster Finder.

Contact Information:

Audra Bishop
301-475-0242 Ext. 28120